"I have always been delighted by the connections that flowers can create.  They are such simple things, yet such a wondrous gift."

Flowers are a source of joy and pleasure, to me and to many others. But the environmental cost of raising mass market flowers is not sustainable, nor is the carbon footprint of bringing them to market.  Blooms bought in the supermarket, inexpensive and lovely though they may be, are often drenched in noxious chemicals and preservatives. We grow our own flowers using natural methods. Our location and proximity to our primary market in Washington, D.C., not only helps minimize our carbon footprint; it ensures the freshness of our flowers and allows us to raise seasonal and perishable blooms that would never survive the commercial market.

Aguita Flowers is set in the lush Virginia Piedmont. Here, on an old horse farm, we are slowly and sustainably adding flower beds to grow our seasonal blooms. A repurposed stable houses the studio where we create arrangements and wreaths for delivery to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Our name comes from the northern mountains of Argentina, on an old family farm where the sound of water surrounds and soothes you.  Three mountain-fed streams flow through the property, nourishing the landscape and feeding fields of flowers and fruit trees.

Educated in the arts, Randy has an MFA in graphic design and a successful professional and freelance career in the field. As her responsibilities in life changed, she decided to pursue her second passion in life, landscape design which then lead her to buying her farm and starting to grow flowers.
German by birth, Argentinian by descent, and American by choice, she is strongly committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Making arrangements for friends and sharing the gift of flowers gives her great happiness.