Flower Care

We believe that organically grown flowers are uniquely beautiful and characterful. Having been grown naturally without the use of chemicals, the life expectancy of our flowers in the vase is between three and seven days, depending on variety.

We do not offer returns on flowers. If you are unhappy with your flowers, please contact us as soon as possible with a photograph of the flowers so that we can review the situation.

Please ensure that your flowers are kept somewhere cool, out of direct sunlight, away from hot radiators and ripening fruit. Keep your flower vases topped up with fresh water. To minimize contamination of the water due to naturally-occurring bacteria, regularly re-cut the bottom of each stem at an angle before re-placing the flowers in clean water.

All our flowers will have been freshly cut and carefully conditioned prior to you receiving them.

We do not accept responsibility for any deterioration in their condition as a result of storage conditions or lack of sufficient hydration.

Please leave details of a safe place to leave your flowers if you are out when we deliver. This should be protected from direct sun, rain and wind. Flowers left in the customer's chosen spot are done so at your own risk.

We reserve the right to adapt designs according to seasonal availability and weather conditions and cannot guarantee specific varieties or colors. On the rare occasions that an item is unavailable we will replace with the nearest possible substitute.

Please be aware that the photographs in our online shop are intended only to provide an indication of size, style and color and that these may vary depending on seasonal availability and weather conditions.